Newmarket Badminton Federation Nineteenth International Team Tournament 2012


Note - Players who are not “local” (i.e. do not play in the Newmarket Badminton Leagues) are in bold italics.


Another hard-fought International Badminton team tournament was held over the weekend of 25th and 26th February 2012, organised by Newmarket Badminton Federation, with local league players competing with others from around the country and a large contingent of our friends from Belgium. 


We managed to squeeze an extra team in for this, the nineteenth consecutive year of this event, so twenty five teams, which amounted to over 100 players, took over Littleport Leisure Centre (for the ninth year) and again at King’s School and the Paradise Sports centre in Ely. 


Teams played in three groups, based on the Belgian playing categories from B, the top group and County standard through to C1 and C2, both still very decent standard.  Each group played in a round robin basis i.e. each team, consisting of two men and two women, playing each other in Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed Doubles.  Games used the rally point scoring system up to 21 points only (for the Men’s and Ladies’) and 15 points (for the Mixed), so no setting.  Maximum scores attainable in each match therefore being 204 points.  The places in each group were determined by the total points scored over the whole weekend, with play from 9am to 7pm on the Saturday and from 9am to 4pm on Sunday. 


The number of games was slightly down on last year’s 720 but still 606 games were played.  Players had to survive 24 games each and fortunately more survived than during last year’s gruelling 30 games each which saw a record number of injuries, but for any that didn’t survive or even make it as far as this weekend we hope that they make early and full recoveries and thank those who substituted for them.


Many thanks also go to “Top Spin Tennis” for helping with some of the fallout racket stringing and Phil May for organising this year’s successful badminton and social event (a tasty Hog roast on the Saturday night at Stuntney Village Hall).


In the top B group former champions “Posh Scousers” (Steve Aylott, Danni Finn, Ruth Raisewell and Claire Griffin) powered their way past the other teams to reclaim their title with 792 points and only one of two maximum points over the weekend,  ahead of Ely’s “The Hobgoblins” (James Wilson, the only survivor from last year’s victorious team, which this year started with Gareth Gibbs and needed substitutions from Mark Goodman and Martyn Clark together with Louise Tarbet and Sara Harnwell) on 715 points.  Close behind them on 683 points was “Plucked from the Midlands A” (Matthew Bond, Matthew Armson, Chery Whittingham and Gail Hodson-Walker),  just ahead of JDND on 674 points (Jeroen Van Gerwen, Didier Geerolf, Nicky Lewis (for Sandra Baecke) and Diane Baker) and then off the pace on with just 543 points “Roeselare” (Francky Velle, Jentse Vlaminck, Jo Little and Erica Himpens who needed a substitute so a welcome return by former tournament organiser Sandra Ashcroft).


Like last year the C2 group was pretty close at the top with 51 points separating the top three teams.   In third, on 713 points were “Belglish” (Pieter Van Caillie (for Maarten De Vos), Colin Brown, Marieke Allewaert and Robynne George) then 13 points above them on 726 points and in second place, one place up from last year “The 4 cockateers” (Alex Bowers, Ben Maynard, Jo Sriskandan and Kelly Bolt).  Having been battered in the C1 category last year reward this year for “Crossways Baddicts” (Paul Hilditch, Simon Parker, Hazel Greetham and Julia Frede)  winners with 764 points.  The Cockateers also had the distinction of scoring one of only two maximums over the weekend against  “Dennis’ Demons” who finished in similar spot to last year on 642 points (Denis Willing, Nish D, Emma Willing and Laurene Plassard (for Laura Brown))  just ahead of “Mick’s mates” on 633 points (who unfortunately had to play without Mick Nixon substituted by Tim Luddington, also Darren Nicholson, Joanne Little and Karyn Duggan).


The mid-section C1 category had even more entries than last year so played in three groups.  Two groups were close but in C1(2)  last year’s winners Cookies Crew (Andy Cook, Martin Smith, Emma Best and Angela Sharman) convincingly won  (with Cookie relying heavily on pain killers)  finishing on 775 points, including a decisive win over last year’s runners up “Harvey’s Howlers” (St Phillips’ John Harvey, Sue McKeown, Sue Daines-Smith and St Ives' John Pickering) who, after flying on the first day had a horrible second also losing heavily  to “Brugges B” (Rudy Vermeersch, Frederick Vanhoutte, Hilda Laridon and Sandra Baecke (for Sabine Osaer)) so slid to third on 673 points with Brugges B on 721 points (the fourth highest score in this category) and just 5 points ahead of Haverhill on 668 points (Robin Stock, Carl Skuce, Lorna Smith and Mary Dornay) who rallied after a slow start.  A tough gig though for Linton (Colin Edwards (for Martin Little), Jason Hodges, Janet Symonds and Steff Deroo) who were further back on 596 points.


In C1(3) once again good performances from “The Pheasant Pluckers” (Philip Buckley, Mike Collins, Helen Bethell (for Sarah Collins) and Stephanie Cartwright-Randle) and “Lye-ability” (Lloyd Truman, Niel Raybould, Hayley Pugh and Jane Brown)   The Pluckers won their group and the 726 points score gave them third place overall in this category,  “Plucked from the Midlands B” (Anuj Jari, Matthew Foster, Julie De Paepe and Maaike Pollet)  finished just 16 points behind on 708 with Lye-ability just 8 points behind on 700.  Closely following was “Roeselare B” (Gregory Dawaegenaere, James Claeys, Heidi Vanwelsenaers and Xin Cheng (for Stephanie Jurrewyts) ) on 677 points and then “Brugges A” (Kurt Ghyllebert,  Dirk Vandenberghe, Diana Demeyere and Ann Claeys) on 628 points.


In the other C1(1) group “Bruges plus 1” (Chris Dereuddre, Jean-Paul Vlaminck, Carinne Spruytte and Jiang Hewere) were off the pace on 566 points with “Jager Bomber” (Jack Davenport, Adam Dukes, Louise Collins and Sarah Collins (for Katie Parsons)) fourth on 662 points.  But it was tight at the top with just 21 points separating the top three.   “Totally smashed” (Mark Stephens, Richard Parkes, Ann Chambers and Carol Kibbler) actually beat the eventual winners but finished third on 714 points after dropping too many points against “Plucked from the Midlands C” (Rik Van Mullen, Richard Smith, Katie and Aimee Roberts) who scored 719 points (just 2 points off fourth and 7 points off third place overall).  But they in turn lost out to “Budgie Bashers reborn” (Craig Peacefull (for Martyn Clark), Nick White, Dawn Butterfield and Gemma Fuller) who finished on 740 points, the second highest score in the category, so  the Budgies went on to contest the play-off with Cookies Crew to decide the overall C! Category winner and runner-up spots.


The C1 final was the same format as the groups, but due to time constraints, was reduced to one game to 21 for the levels and mixed doubles so a maximum of 126 points.  Going in to the last round of mixed the Budgie Bashers had a few points advantage, but a magnificent (or fortunate, depending on which team they were supporting) net chord winner meant the Budgies finished with 109 points having won 6 games.  This was exactly the same as Cookies Crew who were in a similar position last year but won on count back of points scored against, however this year it was decided that the play-off had not separated the two teams and they were declared joint winners.


The next event will be held over the weekend of 23rd and 24th February 2013 and details will be on (international page).